Bramble Education is part of Bramble Hub
Bramble Hub is a significant supplier of IT, digital and related services to the UK government and wider public sector, through Crown Commercial Service frameworks. Customers range from central government departments - including Defra, the Department of Health and the Home Office - to many local authorities, NHS trusts and police forces.

Bramble Hub specialises in government procurement. It connects private sector suppliers with public sector organisations through government procurement frameworks. It provides support and advice to its supplier partners to make the procurement process as simple as possible. It lubricates the contract process: hence the oil thing.


ICT Services for Education framework

Bramble Hub is a supplier on the ICT Services for Education framework RM1050. Bramble Education delivers services through this framework.

Other Frameworks

Bramble Hub is also a supplier on these frameworks:

  • Enterprise Application Support Services - RM1032
  • Corporate Software Solutions - RM1042
  • Digital Outcomes and Services - RM1043iii
  • Technology Services - RM1058
  • Local Authority Software Applications - RM1059
  • ConsultancyONE - RM1502
  • G-Cloud - RM1557
  • Multifunctional Devices and Services - RM1599