Devices and software that fit around students and staff - not the other way around

We want to make a substantive contribution to the development of technology practices in education. We integrate devices and software seamlessly into an immersive learning environment that is accessible from inside and outside the classroom.


We supply complete range of devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, printers, projectors and TVs. We work with all of major manufacturers and are able to offer lower prices to our customers because we buy in large volumes.


General software

We supply any of the general software required in schools from all of the popular operating systems to the office suites.

Curriculum software

We supply any of the curriculum-specific software required in schools. We now deliver most of this software via the cloud so our users are not restricted by location or device.

Specialist software

We supply all of the major education management products including Sims, Integris and Bromcom. Through our specialist partners we can provide support, configuration and training.


We are experienced in working within the security constraints of central government. We offer the highest standards of security whether your software is hosted on your site or in the cloud.

Special Educational Needs

We are committed to providing technology that works for all, irrespective of physical or mental capabilities. We have SEN trained IT consultants to work with those needing specialist hardware or software and provide them exactly what they need at a reasonable price.