A case study about how Bramble Education partner ThinkIT provided cloud IT infrastructure to the Pupil Referral Service in Peterborough

The Problem

Peterborough's Pupil Referral Service (PRS) works across the city with over 500 children and young people each year who are not accessing mainstream school for a variety of reasons. They work in partnership with parents, carers and agencies to ensure children and families benefit from an integrated package of support.

The PRS covers three sites under one management team. Historically they had suffered from a lack of investment in technical infrastructure. As a result much of the equipment was old, unsupported, broken and unreliable. That was frustrating for teachers because they couldn't rely on technology to engage pupils in learning.

The Solution

Think IT were commissioned by Peterborough City Council (PCC) to conduct a Readiness Assessment with the school, including working with the Senior Management Team to understand their requirements, rather then just impose a solution. The Think IT team also worked with PCC to ensure funding was made available for wholesale improvements across all three sites.

Over £200k has been invested in a new infrastructure and equipment. The school has been 'moved into the cloud' with staff and pupils now accessing their apps and data on the Microsoft Azure platform - one of the very first in the country to do so.

The Benefits

Teachers and pupils are now more engaged and have access to tools they did not before in a way that allows them to extend learning beyond the classroom. The service also benefits from the technical back-up and support of a local Trust that provides services to over 20 schools in the area.