Responsive, expert support from people who understand education

Bramble Hub has a track record of delivering IT services into central and local government departments as well as a wide cross section of the public sector including Defence and Health. This background has given us an understanding of how to deliver high quality services centrally with a local touch.

Support packages

We tailor our support to the needs of individual customers but, broadly, we offer three service packages:

  • Remote
  • Hybrid
  • Full

These packages differ only in the number of days of on-site support.

Support services

Our support packages comprise of three or four support services:

  • Helpdesk - including third line support when needed
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance - includes core equipment such as servers, network switches and Office 365 administration.
  • Disaster recovery
  • Onsite support - except with Remote package

These are available as follows:

Support service Remote Hybrid Full
Helpdesk & third line support Yes Yes Yes
Remote monitoring & maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Disaster recovery Yes Yes Yes
Onsite support None 1-5 days 5 days

Service centres

We provide these services from ten support centres: